Previously, the Department of Statistics together with the TRIPODS Institute, held numerous activities on statistical machine learning, comprising a Special Year of Statistical ML (2019-2020).

Rebecca Willett (University of Chicago), on Neumann Networks for Inverse Problems in Imaging

Peter Bartlett (University of California, Berkeley), on Benign Overfitting

Dean Foster (Amazon Research), on Falsifiability, calibration and a bit of Reinforcement Learning

Sanjoy Dasgupta (University of California, San Diego), on A data representation from neuroscience

Jason Lee (Princeton University), on Beyond Linearization in Neural Networks

Satyen Kale (Google Research), on Logistic Regression: The Importance of Being Improper

Tutorials on Sampling and Variational Inference, featuring Tamara Broderick (MIT), Dave Blei (Columbia), Max Raginsky (UIUC), and John Paisley (Columbia)